Some People Think This Controversial Photoshoot Is Bad For Golf

  • Carly Booth strips down for 2013 ESPN photo shoot
  • She posted a photo from the shoot on Instagram today

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Carly A. Booth decided to post a #TBT on a Tuesday, reminding all of her Instagram followers that she was a part of a beautiful nude shoot in 2013 for ESPN.

#espn #bodyissue #tbt #tattoos #golf

A photo posted by Carly Booth (@carlyabooth) on

There was one comment (amongst piles of disgusting ones) that caught my eye.

@kennymcg1971 commented on her photo saying, “Golf can look good without the average female golfers getting their kit off!!!!”

While I believe this to be true, that golf can look good without female golfers stripping down to their skivvies, it also looks way better when they do. Booth did this photo shoot for ESPN when she was 21, along with Gary Player, the oldest to grace the cover of the mag nude, at age 77. This feature was showing the powerful and beautiful bodies of our nations athletes. It highlighted each individuals strengths and what they love about their bodies, even though they may not be what “society” portrays in the media every day.


Sydney Leroux, U.S. Soccer Team player, said in the magazine, “I like that I have a lot of scars. I like that I feel tough. It reminds me of how hard I like to play.” She goes on to say that she wasn’t always so confident with her body as a teenager and she had to gradually learn to love herself, even if she wasn’t a skinny blonde.

Isn’t this a great message for young girls? That it’s ok to have muscles and scars? Yes, it is, but instead we’re teaching them to be ashamed of their bodies and reinforce sexist rules. Like dress codes telling girls their shorts are too short because they’re distracting the boys. Boys should be taught to respect women, and not to shame them or gawk at them like objects.

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Carly’s tattoo says, “It is not the stars to hold our destiny, But it is ourselves.” Quoting Shakespeare, she hits the nail on the head. It should be each individuals choice what to do with their bodies, not anyone else. If golfers can strip down among other athletes and show off their imperfections along with their individual beauty, then golf is ahead of the game. By Carly showing off this picture 3 years later, she is still embracing her beautiful body and the artful way ESPN wanted to show off her athleticism.

I don’t think anyone would be sexualizing Gary Player, so why do it to Carly Booth?



You go Gary!