This Tiger Woods Replica May Be The End Of Golf As We Know It


Remember the robot that made a hole-in-one on the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale? Well now it’s available for the public to hire for multiple purposes.

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LDRIC, named after Eldrick or as you know him Tiger Woods, can communicate directly with players and an audience. The robot can also mimic any player’s swing, rendering golf coaches obsolete. Now you have a robot that can break down any golf swing and capture an audiences attention, as seen by the millions of youtube hits it’s debut video got. You may think this is less personal but even the creator, Gene Parente, believes the device will be as much an educational tool as an entertainment vehicle.

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Not only will golf coaches become extinct, but many jobs may be swiped by this lovable robot. It could play a whole course and test it for difficulty (which if you didn’t know already there is a committee of old men who do this at the moment). Way more efficient for a robot to do. Next thing we know the courses will be full of LDRIC’s and no more Rory or Rickie’s.

We know how this is going to turn out. We’ve seen every scenario where robots are made to do jobs a human can’t do. It doesn’t turn out well. *Cough* I Am Robot *Cough*.


Hopefully it won’t come to that.