Find Out Why Obama Wanted To Keep His Golf Score ‘Classified’

  • President Barack Obama played the TPC Stadium Course on Saturday
  • He would not tell anyone how he did and said his score was “classified”


Basically, Obama didn’t play very well when he tried to conquer the TPC Stadium Course in California this Saturday.

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This course has been described as “unplayable” and was dropped off the PGA Tour for years because it was considered too difficult. Many golfers go here to test our their skills before trying to qualify for the PGA Tour. It must be a way to weed out the weak, since many probably become discouraged after playing this course.

Obama described it as a “very nice course. Very difficult.”

Obama decided he wanted to test out his handicap on this incredibly hard course to celebrate Presidents Day, AKA himself. Although he did complete his round, he would not tell anyone how he played.

“My score is classified,” he joked.

Hmmmm.. I wonder why.