Rory McIlroy Refuses To Let Gym Haters Talk Smack About Him

  • Brandel Chamblee voiced his concerns about Rory’s training routine. 
  • Gary Player a.k.a ‘Mr Fitness’ has defended McIlroy. 

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“Have you squatted today?” A Journalist asked Rory. “Not yet,” McIlroy said, “I’m planning to, though. Maybe with Brandel on my back.”

Well played, @rorymcilroy. Well played. ????????????????

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Brandel Chamblee’s comments really irritated McIlroy; the world number three responded in classic fashion, posting a video of him nailing some heavy* squats for sets of three.

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The golfer said that a degenerative disc in his back was the main reason he started to hit the weights room. “At 19, 20 years old, you don’t want to have to keep managing that for the rest of your career,” McIlroy said. “I realized that this isn’t going to get any better unless I start to take care of myself better.”

“I’m trying to make my back as strong as I possibly can so that when I come out here and swing a golf club at 120 miles per hour, I’m robust enough to take that 200 times a day when I hit shots and when I practice and when I play golf.”

Rory is in capable hands with personal trainer Steve McGregor – check out the routine here

Gary Player, one of the fittest guys to ever play the game, shared his thoughts on the Chamblee comments. Gary has always lifted weights and recently went an entire year without breaking 80 at the age of 72. Weight lifting is absolutely fine!