WATCH: Rory McIlroy borrows a Happy Gilmore line to deliver another saucy comeback

Sharon Wong

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Rory McIlroy’s been on a roll of late. He’s been delivering epic smackdowns to busybody golf analysts and journalists like sassing people is his job. He’s also doing pretty well at Northern Trust, opening with a solid 4-under-67 while rival Jordan Spieth struggled through his third worst round on the PGA Tour. So you can’t blame the guy for being in high spirits. Here, he’s decided to celebrate by further indulging in his love for Happy Gilmore, even when his first impression left something to be desired. We think this second attempt’s a lot more successful though. Maybe all that contention with Brandel Chamblee this week has given him all the practice he needs for mastering the snappy comeback. And from his response to the PGA Tour, he’s not done with us poor bastards yet.