These teenage brats did an enraging amount of damage to a golf course

Sharon Wong


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Four Michigan teenagers who decided to treat a golf course as their own personal bumper ride course ended up leaving some horrific wreckage in their wake. Somehow, they managed to sneak into the Cedar Chase Golf Club in Grand Rapids in October last year and played bumper-cars with some vulnerable golf carts on the premises. They ended up more or less destroying the course, totaling 6 out of the 22 golf carts they drove and tearing up turf. And how much did all of this damage cost all in all? Try $37,500.


Despite the monumental destruction they wreaked, the teens aged 17-19 were nabbed for stealing bottles and cans from the storage building and identified on security footage. But even if they hadn’t been, the fact that they openly bragged about their misdeeds in school would have made tracking them down an effortless endeavor.

The teens are facing some serious comeuppance for their reckless actions. They were officially charged with malicious destruction of property involving $20,000 or more and breaking and entering a building with intent, both of which could have ended them up with a hefty 10-year prison sentence if they had been on the wrong side of 18. However, only two pled guilty last week and these two happened to be on the younger end of the age spectrum. So the court dropped their second charge and allowed them to cover the charges and walk away with a clean record after serving a probationary sentence. As for the two that didn’t plead guilty, let’s just say we don’t want to be them right now.