Phil Mickelson’s Comment About Tiger Woods Was Way Out Of Character

  • Phil Mickelson gave an interview with
  • The player made his hunger for the 2016 Ryder Cup clear.

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There are a few certainties in professional golf; Patrick Reed is a tit, Dustin Johnson definitely did cocaine, Matt Kuchar can beat anybody at ping-pong. I could go on all day. But the one hard truth I’m interested in is the unarguable fact that Phil and Tiger hate each other.

“Phil is a really verbal, high-energy guy who, for Tiger’s taste, is too opinionated, is too much of a know-it-all, and just revs too fast,” writes Hank Haney. The former coach went on to talk about Tiger’s resentment towards Phil because of his easy treatment by the media, and would reportedly smile in agreement whenever anyone described lefty as a “phoney”.

So when Phil comes out and praises Tiger you know it’s something special. “There is nobody in the game of golf that I have seen that is remotely close to the level of performance Tiger was in his prime,” said the five-time major winner yesterday.

 “Mentally, short game, or ball striking, I don’t think anybody matches him in any of those areas. And Tiger put them all together in one to create a career that is mind-boggling. And as great as the young players are, the level that I’ve seen out of him, especially when you go back to 2000 at the U.S. Open and his performance when he held all four major championships at once, I think we’re decades away from anybody getting back to that level.”

Phil reflected on his image conflict with Rickie Fowler’s high-tops: “Well, look, part of it is that I have not seen [that style] in the decades that I’ve been out on Tour. And part of it is jealousy, because there’s no way I could pull that off.[Laughs] Not many people can, yet I feel like he’s doing it.”

Lefty was confident he will make the Ryder Cup team and based on current form this belief is not misguided. He explained what his response had been when Davis Love III offered him the vice-captaincy.“Look, I’m going to be on the team.” I already know that my game has taken a whole different direction than it has the last couple years. I know where it’s at from where it’s been. In the last three months, I have put a lot of work in.”

Does lefty think one of the big three/fab four can match Tiger?

“Possibly one, yes.” which one? “I’m not going to say that. [Laughs] That’s quite a little tease for you.”