Rory McIlroy Responds To Tiger Woods’ Video With Ridiculous Tweet

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Getty Images


Tiger Woods posted a video today of him swinging a club at a simulator (probably in his home).  He didn’t look like he was in any pain and his swing looked pure. Any Tiger fan would be pumped to see that video.

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Rory McIlroy on the other hand, felt the need to take a crack at Tiger’s video. He retweeted the video and added this:


A few days ago we thought Tiger could barely sit in his car, heaven forbid do some calf raises! Maybe because Rory was being ripped on so much about his fitness, he wanted to reassure everyone that some fitness is better than none. It definitely looks like Tiger skipped a few leg days, but Rory should give the guy a break. 

Just because you work out “too much”, doesn’t mean you should pick on someone who is still in recovery. We’re just happy to see Tiger on his feet swinging a golf club!