Brandel Chamblee has nothing nice to say about Tiger Woods’ swing

Sharon Wong

Source: Getty Images

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Most people were cheering Tiger Woods on for posting an Instagram video of his swing, a perfect response to anyone confident that he’d never play again. We suppose it’s enough to silence most naysayers, who were convinced he couldn’t even sit upright in a car. But it takes a lot more than an Instagram post to shut down one of Tiger’s most vocal critics, Brandel Chamblee. Never shy about expressing how impressed he isn’t with Tiger Woods, he hasn’t held back this time round either when asked how he felt about the clip.

“I can say it looks like an injured, and put-back-together, 40-year-old man,” he said on Golf Channel on Thursday, “It’s a very short, quick, golf swing. It doesn’t look like he’s ready for tournament play.”

Woah, way to hold back your true feelings, Brandel. If you want to watch him deliver the zinger in person, here’s the full segment.

To be fair, he did try to temper those harsh words a little by giving some allowance for Tiger’s long reprieve.

“None of us know the extent of his recovery. What’s going on with him, as secretive as he has been about so many different paths of his health.”

“He’s been down the road to coming back many, many times since 2010… I do believe that we’re going to see him, when he does come back, he’ll be as prepared as he’s ever been post-surgery.”

Good to know Rory McIlroy’s many smackdowns haven’t tempered Golf Channel’s sharp-tongued analyst in the slightest.