Carrying golf bags, now a crime in England?!

Sharon Wong


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You’d think golf was a symbol of the establishment, not one of anarchy. However, one of 79 councils in England and Wales has decided that the mere act of lugging about your golf equipment in public is disruptive to social order. Recently, these councils instituted public spaces protection orders (PSPOs) under the Antisocial Behavior, Crime and Policing Act. These regulations were put in place to improve life in common areas in 2014. A North Easy Derbyshire council has apparently forbidden “playing golf, or being in possession of golf equipment, on the open park areas.” Do so and you risk being fined £100 on the spot.


Whether you’re scratching your head or throwing your hands up in outrage, take comfort in the fact that golf is not the only target of absurd prejudice in this case. Some small towns have taken to banning “walking one’s dog” or “staying out past 11pm”. Village dwellers, prepare for a life lived entirely indoors, as it might only be a matter of time before blinking becomes offensive.