VIDEO: Kid Has A Disgraceful Tantrum On The Golf Course

We love people getting out on the course and expressing themselves in a way that contradicts the stale fart of mindset that so many golfers have. However, this kid’s performance perfectly demonstrates everything that is wrong with viral videos today.

The parent – if you could call him that – sees an opportunity to make some hilarious content and in doing so throws his baby out with the bathwater. He encourages this young lad to bludgeon the ground in disgust, teaching him all the lessons a 5-year-old doesn’t need to learn –  “behave like a performing monkey will earn you respect.”

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It’s beggars belief. The big problem I have is that this kid makes a really good point…“How do I stop the ball going right” is the age old question. My only issue is that this sentiment is being expressed by a child, for an adult audience, at the young kid’s expense.

It’s so painfully obvious the way the video cuts to the kid. I can’t believe I’m trying to take the high road on this but shouldn’t adults be the only people allowed to do this? We’re already unruly f***wits beyond help. This is parenting level Michael Jackson.

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