Everyone Is Saying Dustin Johnson’s Brother Is The Worst Caddie On Tour

Austin has been carrying DJ’s bag for around two years and his inability as an aide on the course is a well know fact amongst TOUR insiders.

This was recently driven home by a tweet from the “Secret Tour Pro.”

Trying to work out the identity of the Secret Tour Pro is very time consuming. Judging by his love for soccer he’s unlikely to be an American, and looking at his sense of humour he probably isn’t from continental Europe.

The popular guess is Geoff Ogilvy, either way this guy has a proven track record for knowing the ins and outs of life on the PGA TOUR.

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The Secret Tour Pro’s Twitter profile.

The secret pro’s criticism of Dustin Johnson’s brother added fuel to the stories of complete and utter ineptitude from the brother-caddie. One such story described the painful incident when Austin was trying to work out distance, apparently 19 plus 179 is a real quandary. Its 198 yards to the pin Austin!

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Source: Heavy.Com 

It’s no secret that Dustin Johnson likes dabbling with the slightly nefarious activities that can exist away from the course, which begs the question, is a brother with similar “interests” healthy for the talented golfer.

Ex-caddy Bobby Brown had to say about Dustin:

“He’s not the most dedicated player on the planet — and thank God for the rest of us that he’s not that dedicated, you know what I mean? That’s all I can say.”

Nice words from his former bagman and a further example of why DJ’s brother is probably the worst person to loop for the world number 9. The pair have a good relationship but seem to enjoy the same things in life…beautiful company and post-round parties.

This relationship would be a bit like Ronnie Cray providing some anger management sessions for twin brother Reggie, counterproductive.

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Austin is even dating Paulina Gretzky’s friend, the Instagram socialite Sam Maddox. We get the brothers are tight but is this good for DJ’s golf game? He did win the WGC HSBC Championship the second week his brother was on his bag, perhaps proving that a caddie can be a fairly inconsequential part of DJ’s golf game.


DJ is a see ball hit ball golfer who probably doesn’t benefit from a proactive caddie. He needs to surround himself with people who will keep him going when he struggles, at the final stages of a tournament. With many commenting on the inability of his brother, should DJ sack him off or keep him on?