LPGA Players Are Now Eliminating Competition By Throwing Luggage At Each Other

  • Ha Na Jang won the HSBC Women’s Champions this week
  • There was some controversy surrounding Jang’s father dropping a bag on a fellow opponent


Ha Na Jang won her second LPGA tournament this week at the HSBC Women’s Champions by four shots. She is climbing up the leaderboard in women’s golf and into the hearts of golfers everywhere. Jang celebrates her victories in the best way possible, with a little dance.

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Beyonce’s single ladies dance is the perfect way to celebrate a win for a young single lady on the LPGA tour. Who run the world? Girls.

The only thing that confuses me about her choice of dance, is the controversy that was surrounding Jang and her father right before this tournament. It was reported that at the airport traveling to Singapore for the tournament, Jang’s father dropped the luggage he was holding and hit another competitor, In-gee Chun.


Chun suffered injuries the muscles surrounding her tailbone and had to withdraw from the tournament all together. Jang’s second victory of the season lifted her five spots in the world rankings to number five, while Chun dropped two spots to eighth.

Although it is reported that Jang apologized for the incident, it seems as though Chun and her family have not received an official apology from Jang’s father, according to Chun’s fan website.


This is why i’m confused by the choice of using a Beyonce song. Beyonce is all about acceptance and raising up other women to be their best. Although Jang didn’t purposefully hurt a competitor, she should have reached out personally to Chun as well as made her father apologize. It could be a cultural boundary that I don’t understand but there should be a reconciliation between the two.

This may seem trivial to some, but sometimes an apology is all that’s needed.


Who run the world? Emotional, dramatic, complicated, amazing.. Girls.