Could This Pivotal Decision Ruin Adam Scott’s Career?

(130415) -- AUGUSTA, April 15, 2013 (Xinhua) -- Adam Scott of Australia celebrates after the fourth round of the 2013 Masters golf tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, the United States, April 14, 2013. Scott finished the tournament at nine-under par 279 and claimed the title after a playoff. (Xinhua/Scott K.Brown/Augusta National)
(Xinhua/Scott K.Brown/Augusta National)

Adam Scott decides to use caddie Steve Williams at the Masters over current caddie David Clarke

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Adam  Scott is currently on a roll, winning back to back tournaments after not winning since 2013. Clearly something is working for him this season and you would think he would want to stick to this routine, especially for a major. But apparently Scott’s mind is made up about who he is going to use as his caddie for the Masters, and it won’t be current caddie David Clarke.

“The plan is set. David is doing an amazing job and we are working very well together, but you could offer Steve the job to any player in the world for Augusta and they are going to want to take him.”

 Adam Scott

(Curtis Compton / Tribune News Service)


This is quite a controversial decision, considering all of the drama Steve Williams brought upon himself with his opinionated book on Tiger Woods. Many have a skewed view of Williams believing he tainted the game by basically gaining money on the downfall of a professional.

It’s a complicated situation because Scott praises Williams and believes they work extremely well together, especially when it comes to the majors. Scott encouraged Williams to continue caddying after he threatened to retire last year and emphasizes their work relationship and the tournaments they’ve won together.

Even so, you can’t forget about the past two wins with Clarke on his bag.

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Adam Scott won his first major in 2013 with Steve William’s on his bag.

William’s knows Augusta like the back of his hand and has helped professionals win there four times before, one being with Scott.

Scott may have made a deal with William’s before the season began to caddie with him for the majors, when he encouraged him not to retire (there is no record of this but it makes sense).

Adam is a seasoned player and may not want to risk the chance of losing a major because of a new caddie and may want to rely on someone who he knows can get him there.


It’s just as risky to switch caddies in the middle of a stellar season as it is to use a caddie that doesn’t know the course as well as another might.

It seems like a low blow to diss a caddie by not trusting them with something as important as a major, when they’ve been doing a great job so far.

David Clarke has caddied for the likes of Vijay Singh, Justin Rose, Paul Casey and Michelle Wie. Clearly not as unseasoned as Scott is making it seem.

Clarke is there for Scott at a time where he went through a major change in his putting, and no one will know him better for that than him.


Scott has already made his decision and is going to be using William’s at the Masters. Sometimes there’s no substitute for incredible chemistry, but sometimes you need to trust what’s working. (I feel like a marriage counselor)

If he loses, I think he’ll wonder for quite some time whether he would have won with Clarke on his bag. If he wins and goes back to Clarke for the regular tournaments, I hope he gives him a chance to prove himself at one of the big ones.

In the end it is Adam Scott’s decision. But is it the right one?


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