The Top 5 WTF Moments In Golf That Are Extremely Relatable

Golf gets a bad rap from other sports but it is actually the toughest game both mentally and technically. Both professional and average golfers need a tremendous amount of precision, practice and dedication. That being said, there are moments when golf is just too damn hard and you just need to take out your hand wedge.

These WTF moments in golf, on the highest and lowest levels, will have you cracking up because you know exactly how these people feel.

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When A Hand Wedge Is Way Better Than A Sand Wedge

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Replacing Your Tee With Your Friend’s Balls


Aint Nobody Got Time For That


3 Minutes Of Sergio Garcia Climbing A Tree

“He needs a tree iron” – Announcer

Although we don’t climb trees to hit our balls, we definitely search for them just as hard.


The Ultimate WTF Moment