Why Stephen Curry is too afraid to play golf with Lydia Ko

Sharon Wong

Stephen Curry and Lydia Ko
Source: @LydiaKo/Twitter

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Stephen Curry is known as one of the best non-golfers who isn’t actually a golfer. He’s so good that he’s even had the chance to play with the big boys at Augusta, along with teammate Andre Iguodala and team execs Joe Lacob and Jerry West. However, when asked if he would grab the chance to go head to head with Lydia Ko on the links, he was adamant that he would instead run in the opposite direction.

It looks like he’s acknowledging that there’s still a lot to learn. He may be pretty talented for someone who typically shoots balls into a hoop instead of putting them, but against someone with Ko’s resume, he’s probably no match. Like many Asian lady golfers, the 18-year old South Korean has had quite a head start on Curry, starting golf at the age of 5 and competing in the New Zealand national amateur championships at the age of 7. She’s the lucky daughter of parents who knew to push just enough and she’s reaping the benefits of their guidance. It’s definitely hard to contend with natural talent that’s been cultivated from an early age.

Nonetheless, Stephen Curry was much more comfortable contending with her on home turf. Both of them engaged in a heated putting contest on the Warriors court and well, he’s really not doing too badly by the looks of it.

Also, he might feel vindicated by the fact that Lydia Ko isn’t quite as good at basketball as he is at golf. But to be fair, that could be largely because she isn’t over six feet tall.


Either way, it’s great to see someone in an “actual” sport take golf as seriously as Stephen Curry does. If he spends lots of time working on his swing at the driving range, he might even be able to give precociously gifted Ko a run for her money someday.

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