Jordan Spieth Was Caught Having A Romantic Relationship, Not With His Girlfriend

Jordan Speith Runs Into Ruling Issues Regarding His Romantic Relationship With His Putter

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Jordan Spieth has an unhealthy relationship with his putter. So much so that I bet his girlfriend is jealous of an inanimate object. Most men have a bond with a part of themselves that they spit on, but Spieth goes to a whole other level when it comes to his base.

“It’s got character, I love the way it looks.”

Jordan Spieth

“The back of your putter head is RIDICULOUS”


Spieth recently ran into a ruling issue at the Cadillac Champ, regarding a technique he uses on his putter.

He told the Golf Channel that when the greens get “shiny” his putter sometimes slips on the ground, so when he practices he wets the bottom of the club. He either dampens a towel or licks his thumb and then rubs the putter, both of which add the traction he’s looking for.

When he learned the conditions at the Cadillac Champ were like this, he asked an official if he could use this licking technique during the round, which he has never done.

“It was a split on the decision. So they called the (USGA) and he said that the USGA was going to talk about it further but for now we’re going to rule that you cannot do it.”

Jordan Spieth

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Leave it to the World No. 1 to stump the rules officials, and even the USGA. For now using his towel is allowed but he has to refrain from using his own saliva to wet the putter until they come up with an official ruling.

He has to leave the intimacy for his girlfriend and practice only.. for now.

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