WATCH: The 163-yard ace that broke them all at the Thailand Classic

Sharon Wong

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What’s the Thailand Classic? Who’s Jason Scrivener? They don’t sound like familiar features of the regular PGA circuit, but all of that will be inconsequential after you see this video. It’s playing like this that brings relative unknowns to the forefront of our minds and with this ace, Scrivener qualifies among the best of them. What exactly do we mean? Well, try comparing his outstanding feat to Rickie Fowler’s $1 million¬†hole-in-one.

We’ll be honest. If Rickie’s hole-in-one won a million bucks, we think Scrivener’s could have bagged 2 million. That’s how¬†flawless a spectacle it was. Or maybe you’d rather win a puppy than a million dollars. Ok, whatever your floats. Scrivener’s ace is totally good enough for a puppy. A Tibetan mastiff puppy even.

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