Jordan Spieth Takes Swipe At Twitter Trolls After Poor Start To The Valspar Championship

Jordan responds to troll

  • Jordan finished 5 over par after a difficult day at Copper head.
  • The world number one responded to criticism on social media.


Everyone struggled on the Copperhead during yesterday’s first round of the Valspar championship. It’s been a long time since shooting a level par score would see you inside the top 25 of a PGA TOUR event on a Thursday.

Jordan carded 6 bogeys on his way to a disappointing 76. Twitter classically reacted with the type of hyperbole we’ve come to expect.

“Form is temporary class is permanent” is a particularly appropriate way to describe the poor run of results for Jordan Spieth. It has been four weeks of bad results for christ sake, I don’t know how anyone can seriously suggest this is a reflection of his future, but they did.

Jordan had said earlier in the year that he had “gone away” from looking at comments on Twitter, but that wasn’t the case last night. One user commented: ‘IF HIS PUTTER IS NOT WORKING, HES GARBAGE. Every other aspect of his game is very average.’

This provoked a response from Jordan: ‘Couldn’t be further from the truth troll. Go do research before hating.’
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Jordan wasn’t done there, noticing that the PGA TOUR’s twitter account had quoted him in isolation, he directed some social media vengeance in their direction.

Jordan had joked about withdrawing in a post round interview: “What good is kicking the door other than hurting my foot and (having to) withdraw?” A quote that had a comical context at the time.

“Seriously? That’s the quote you’re going to use out of that article?”
he responded on Twitter.

Both the PGA and Jordan have deleted their posts, perhaps adding weight to the argument that golfers will always try and maintain the status quo even if it means swallowing some pride. The best part about this whole affair was seeing Rory McIlroy jump to Jordan’s defence, proving that the guys at the top really are bros.

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