WATCH: When John Daly ripped it past Tiger Woods

Here is big John starting the first of a playoff hole with Tiger Woods at the 2005 World Golf Championship. He would go on to lose the second hole.

John Daly has hardly lost any distance off the tee, a massive strength for him as he competes with guys who will finish 50-60 yards behind him on the Champions Tour. While the old man’s Tour may seem dull, Daly’s presence has brought a new wave of much needed entertainment to the field.

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This clip is all about the swag  – because you can’t compare two guys when one has 74 PGA TOUR to the other’s 5. It is John Daly though. Tiger and John are actually pretty good mates who’ve known each other from the very start of their young golfing lives.


John Daly brings a little something extra that Tiger Woods never had. Woods was always the poster boy for golf, playing extremely well with no blemish on his persona (until it had a huge one), while Daly didn’t care what the media thought of him.

His “do anything I want” personality is what made him so like-able by fans and is definitely someone everyone wants to party with. Watching him bomb it past Tiger Woods calls for a cheers in Daly’s honor. Cheers.

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