Bubba Watson Has Just Proved He Is The Biggest Baby In Golf

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Bubba Watson just announced that he is not going to be playing in the Arnold Palmer Invitational this week. His reason is that he incurred a back injury while playing at the Cadillac Champ at Doral.

Watson said he wants to rest for The Masters, which he won in 2012 and 2014, despite an MRI revealing no major issues in his back.

“I wanted to just rest so I can be ready for Augusta. The Match Play is coming up (next week) so I took a week off, just deciding what’s going to be best for me for the rest of the year with the Olympics and Ryder Cup and everything.”

-Bubba Watson

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram


Honestly I think it’s a bunch of BULL. The MRI came back clear and I understand he wants to rest for the Masters but this is the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Who knows how much longer Arnold Palmer will be around? Besides, it seems like he respects himself more than he respects the game and those that came before him.

He has pulled out of this tournament three years in a row now. Last year he attended a funeral for a childhood friend, which was totally understandable. The year before that he was hit with allergies and had to pull out and now he has a “back injury”. He says he hasn’t touched a club since he sustained the injury, which I believe is the real reason he doesn’t want to play.

I just think he is being a complete baby and I think Bubba Watson is way less delicate than he is making himself out to be.

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On The Other Hand

Thankfully there was nothing serious on the MRI regarding his back, because we all know how bad that can turn out.

The Masters is an important tournament as well, and golfers want to be at their best going into that major. Bubba is also a huge favorite to win this year, alongside Adam Scott. The Olympics and the Ryder Cup are on the plate too.

It is understandable to want to be in top notch condition going into a major, but I still think he’s being a huge baby who throws tantrums and is overly dramatic. Can’t your wins be enough attention for you Bubba?

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram


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