Rickie And Rory Prepare For The Masters In Very Different Ways

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With the Masters coming up next month, everyone is getting excited about the numerous contenders for the green jacket. It’s interesting to see how the professionals prepare differently and get into different mind sets.

Rory McIlroy is participating in the Arnold Palmer Invitational this week, honoring one of the most influential players of the game. The Masters would be McIlroy’s chance to join the few who have made a grand slam in their career, so this means a lot to him. He is keeping it low-key and uploaded a pic of him completing a puzzle while watching the Super Tuesday results come in. SUPER low-key.

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Jigsaw puzzle + room service + presidential primary results on the tv. Really is a Super Tuesday

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On the other hand you have Rickie Fowler, a fan favorite, who is upsettingly missing the tournament this week to take some time off. Not only would winning the Masters be Rickie’s first major win, but it would launch him into the already best season of his career, EVER. What’s he doing to prepare? He’s fishing with his friends.



The difference in preparation gives you an insight into the players’ personalities. Rory is the top European professional, preparing for a chance to get the number one spot in the world back. Rickie is an American favorite, trying to keep his cool and adventurous side, while preparing to win his first major ever.

Rory McIlroy has always been determined and driven, and the one time he goofed off, he hurt his ankle in the process. Rickie Fowler, on the other hand, is sponsored by RedBull and keeps his friends just as close to his heart as he does the game. Golf is equally important to each of these professionals, just in different ways.

It will be interesting to see how they perform based on their preparation.

Mental game vs. physical game. Which will prevail?


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