Jordan Spieth Stars In New Hilarious Sports Center Commercial

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Jordan Spieth has been known to star in some cringeworthy commercials *cough* Coca-Cola, but it seems like he is trying to make things right. Spieth is a young celebrity in the golfing world and he should be starring in commercials that make people laugh, not stare at their screens wondering why they just wasted a few minutes of their lives.

“That cheese looks a little saucy … I’d go with a spoon.”

This commercial plays on the heart strings by using the ultimate comfort food, Mac and Cheese. The whole caddie bit makes it what it is, a funny commercial about the ridiculousness of golf. Going back and forth between choosing a fork or a spoon to eat with is exactly how Spieth is on the course. There isn’t always a right decision but when it comes to Mac and Cheese it’s a win win situation.

I’m glad Jordan Spieth is making moves in the right direction when it comes to his PR. He needs to stop selling out and actually do what makes him happy, and hopefully this commercial did that for him.

Just for fun, here’s an Arnold Palmer commercial with the same campaign. Try not to laugh!

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