This Golfer Just Proved He Has The Biggest Ego On The PGA Tour

Ian Poulter is starting to stand out among the PGA Tour players, thanks to his ego.

He was recently heckled at the Valspar Champ, where he asked the guy to be removed from the course and later got the man fired from his job. Granted the guy was stupid and kept the rant going on twitter, so karma bit him in the ass in the end.

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Now Poulter is sharing images of his accomplishments from over 20 years of being a PGA professional golfer. Poulter is not new to bragging on Instagram, as he posts pictures of his Ferrari collection all the time (he has a museum, that’s how many he has).

First he showed off his badges that he’s received from taking part in the US Open, British Open and PGA Championship. Poulter has won 4 out of 5 Ryder Cups he’s participated in, going for a 5th this year at Hazeltine in Minnesota.

Watching the golf and tidying the trophy cabinet major badges. Time to get some inspiration…

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Then he posted a picture of the 16 trophies he has received across his 20 year career, hinting at the fact that he wants another this year, most likely a green jacket to hang up.


A follower of Poulter’s commented on the images of the trophies, leading me to believe the incident with the heckler will not be forgotten too easily.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.04.48 AM


Probably the best hashtag to come out of a golfer’s spotlight, right next to #fearthebeard.

Poulter should be added to this list of golfers who should avoid dropping the soap in prison..