Steve Williams: Tiger Woods’ Former Caddie Thinks He Can Still Win

steve williams

  • Williams was on Tiger’s bag for 13 of the American’s 14 major titles among 84 tournament victories.
  • The New Zealander will caddie for Adam Scott during the Masters.

Picture this: you’ve overcome the biggest challenge of your career – the anchoring ban – and you’ve just beaten two strong fields for consecutive PGA TOUR victories. Would you be mad to sack off your caddie and replace him with Steve Williams for the Masters? This is what Adam Scott has done.

The Aussie has asked Dave Clark, his current caddie, to take a break as the Kiwi veteran is called up to for the Masters by the world number 6.

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Steve Williams has become an immensely unpopular figure after his decision to release an autobiography about his split with Tiger Woods. He took a big festering turd in a sporting environment that has a simple mantra: “Keep your mouth shut”. In the book he compared his treatment to “that of a slave” in a deeply misguided snipe at his millionaire-maker former boss.  I’m sorry to announce this guy will be back on our screens very soon indeed.

Williams gave an interview with the BBC to promote his book “out of the rough”. Asked if his former boss can win again:

“I don’t doubt he will come back to the winner’s circle,” “he has that ability to win even when he’s not playing his best.”

Steve Williams.

Asked about Tiger’s injury woes, he jumped on the <ahref=””>gym-work band waggon:

“I guess when he looks back, he might question some of the activities that he did, some of the gym work that he might have done.”    

Steve Williams.

This guy’s vanity knows no bounds. First of all, we’re expected to believe him when he insists he had no idea about Tiger’s multiple marital affairs. In his book he claims he was “as surprised as we were.” I find it hard to believe that Tiger could pull the wool over his eyes for a decade. What BS!

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Tiger Woods shakes Steve Williams’ hand for the first time after split. Source:

Secondly, why must he always direct the spotlight on himself when his role in a victory is secondary to the player? Don’t get me wrong, caddies are important – you just have to look at Dustin Johnson’s brother-bagman (a.k.a the worst caddie on TOUR) to know that – but they shouldn’t distract attention away from their player’s glory.

So when he says: “I feel really privileged to be caddying for Adam and also to know I’ve had some part in developing his game,” you can’t help but think this guy is in love with himself. It reminded me of the interview he gave after Adam Scott’s victory at the WGC in 2011…

In fairness Williams did share a cool anecdote with the interviewer: “Greg Norman and Fred Couples were also in the group and they listened in disbelief while Woods contemplated carrying his drive over the fairway bunker down the right of Augusta’s par-five second hole,” writes Ian Carter.

“We were laughing at him just talking about it, but then he actually did it.”

Steve Williams.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the clip anywhere, but fear not, remember that Tiger features in half the internet’s golf related videos so you’ll still be able to get your fix of awesomeness.