Jordan Spieth Gets Embarrassed When Asked About His Adam Scott Man Crush

Jordan Spieth and Adam Scott

Jordan was backtracking to confirm that Tiger Woods was also his idol, but by that point it was too late. The world number one had already slobbered all over the place at his press conference before the WGC-Dell Match Play.

“He [Adan Scott] was my favorite player growing up. Have I not been quoted on that before?”


“I don’t think I had a poster. I’m not [a fanboy? stalker? creep?],”


“I obviously loved his golf swing. Who doesn’t?”

Scott is know for his affability and ease with fans, something Spieth witnessed first hand as a young lad. Don’t be fooled by appearances, Jordan is 12 years younger than the Aussie adonis.

“When I was a little kid, he signed — I still — I had a Byron Nelson [Championship] ticket that he had signed and I liked his signature,” Spieth recalled. “He had just kind of a star on his signature; it was pretty cool. I just liked that when I was younger.”

Adam Scott is the guy you don’t introduce to your girlfriend. Unfortunately he’s also a great bloke and a talented surfer, not to mention a good dresser and general charmer. If the world is fair, he should be hung like a hamster.

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Adam Scott’s signature.