WATCH: Jason Dufner mercilessly taunts Rickie Fowler after far surpassing his drive

Sharon Wong

Jason Dufner Rickie Fowler

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A 274-yard drive is an achievement even for one such as Rickie Fowler, the 29th longest driver on the tour this season. So you can imagine the elation when he teed off with one on Wednesday morning at the WGC-Dell Match Play. However, his joy soon bled out when he was outdriven by none other than Jason Dufner, his partner and the 90th longest hitter. He could only watch as Dufner’s drive surpassed his by a staggering 25 yards, reaching 303 yards at its end. All very brutal, of course. But as it turns out, Dufner’s the type of man to add insult to injury. He tweeted a video of his immediate reaction to Rickie Fowler and well, let’s just say that if it had been us, we might have wanted to punch him.

Of course, Rickie’s a bit classier than we are, but he’s never been one to back down from an open challenge like that either. He just so happens to be pretty good at dealing with haters and trolls. Here’s how he delivered the smackdown to one on Instagram.



He’s even taken on the big boys at ESPN for misspelling his name.

In light of his reputation as something of a comeback king, we eagerly await the retribution he will likely dish out on Dufner.

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