Jason Day Is The Worst Offender In Golf And The PGA Tour Is Doing Nothing

 Jason Day may be the world no. 1 in golf, but his slow play is making some fans angry.

His sloth like pace in the final match during the WGC-Dell Match Play against Louis Oosthuizen made the internet explode with criticism at the 3 hour through 16 hole round.



Slow play is an issue on and off the tour. For the average person it’s called courtesy and letting people play through you. On the PGA Tour, the people in charge should be doing something about it, but all we hear are crickets.

The European Tour has made some extensive changes regarding this issue and you would think the PGA would adopt the same policies.

Even Billy Horschel had something to say about it as a fellow competitor.


He even agreed with a fan who said, “slow Tour players don’t think 1 sec about pace rule. Tour doesn’t do anything anyway so it’s a moot point”.


Every golfer has their routine, and some take longer than others, but it’s a hole other ball park when you’re taking almost 4 hours to get through a round in professional golf.

Keegan Bradley and Jason Dufner are two players guilty of having quirky routines but even they don’t take that long.


The PGA Tour should be reviewing this matter and see if possibly applying the European Tour ruling would help. Having more marshals watch over each group and fining those who take longer than needed. But if Billy Ho is right, even that won’t speed up the #1 golfer in the world.

Mar 29, 2016 14:27

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