Rickie Fowler – Rory McIlroy Prime Time Match Cancelled?

Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images
Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

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Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy were supposed to go head to head in the first prime time match since 2005, but unfortunately it has been postponed until who knows when.

The Associated Press reported that Quicken Loans was trying to finalize plans for the June 7th, Tuesday night match at the Detroit Golf Club, when negotiations stalled.

“We ran out of time to get an agreement confirmed. 

We hope to produce a Rory-Rickie game in the future. We think this would be really good for golf.”

– Sean O’Flaherty

Sean O’Flaherty, McIlroy’s manager,  did not say what the delay was in negotiations, but said both players remain hopeful it can happen. It just won’t be in June. I’m assuming the show took a back burner to more important events.

What it seemed like the staff trying to get the two golfers to sign off don’t understand is that right now is a tough time to start negotiating terms. Even a month ago golfers start preparing for the Masters and both Rickie and Rory are top contenders for the major, although neither have won before. This should have been discussed and signed during the off season, or at another time not so close to a crucial part of any golfers career.


I truly believe this prime time show will happen because these two know that the fans are just as important as their wins and that this event would be huge. To be on prime time television, showing millions of people that golf can be exciting to watch, is something this sport desperately needs.

This is how I will prepare when the show finally airs:


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