WATCH: Golfer Ignores Caddie’s Advice, “Well I’m In Last Place So It Doesn’t Matter”

My first instinct was to snigger at this disregard for the expected behaviour of a professional golfer. On address Kevin Kisner is warned about an oncoming gust of wind from his loyal looper, only for the American to reply: “well I’m in last place so it doesn’t matter.”
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The more you look at this the more you find Kisner’s behaviour a bit shit. How about some fight when you’re down? He should take a leaf out of Ernie El’s book, the South African had a horror 6 putt during his first round on Thursday but kept grafting during a difficult time. Ernie shot 80 on the Thursday after suffering a classic case of the yips, a condition that has been affecting the big easy for 18 months now. Did Ernie give up on his Masters? NO!! The South African pulled his shoulders back and kept fighting for every shot. Finishing on 73 in difficult conditions he bettered many of the players in the top 20.
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If Kisner is serious about competing at the top he should try and occupy a mind space that would never dream of dismissing his bagman’s advice. He employs this guy to provide assistance, not only that but the looper gets a cut depending on his boss’ success. His caddie owns a pair of the biggest calves you have ever seen, you have to respect a man that has successfully developed one of the most elusive muscles in the male anatomy

Kisner grew up 20 miles from Augusta and was feeling pretty sour after four consecutive bogeys. We get the conditions are tough but come on Kev! Pull your finger out and show some pride man.