12 Reasons Danny Willett Is Your New Favourite Golfer

1. He comes from very humble beginnings.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 13.18.47
Danny Skypes his family immediately after win. Source: Sky Sports

His parents twice re-mortgaged their home to finance his golf when he was an amateur. Willett hails from the industrial city of Sheffield (the UK’s equivalent of Pittsburg) and is the son of a vicar. His upbringing produced a modest man. “My Dad, as you’d expect, is pretty philosophical,” he says. “And my Mum, being Swedish, is more straightforward and blunt. I’ve had times when I’ve wanted an arm round my shoulder and I’ve been given a kick up the backside instead. Which is how it should be.”

2. Him and his caddie are best mates off the course and professionals on it.


3. He obligingly sends cringe couple selfies when he’s in bed with the mrs.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 00.09.02

4. He’s from Yorkshire: Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 13.14.15

Most Americans assume English people drink tea whilst discussing salacious gossip that has emerged involving some sort of inter-class relationship. This image couldn’t be further from the truth.

England is not a country made up of aristocrats as Downton Abbey suggests. You may also find it hard to believe that men in Britain aren’t all blithering idiots with a speech impediment – thanks Hugh Grant. Danny is just a normal bloke. 

Seeing his post-round interview was a breath of fresh air. It was hilarious to hear what some of my American friends thought of his accent. One messaged me asking if I thought Danny sounded like Eddard Stark. I did not. Although I do think the analogy was very apt, here is a man from “The North” coming down to King’s Landing (Augusta) to stake a claim amongst the silk wearing nobles of the golfing world. Which brings me to my next point…Tattoos.

5. Is Danny Willet the first tattooed golfer to win a green jacket?

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.55.39

6. His food choices at next year’s Champions dinner will be very controversial for some.

7. He’s got a competitive sense of humour.

You might have noticed Danny wore a jumper for the entire round yesterday. That was until he walked onto to 18th green to reveal a shirt with a very telling colour.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.24.36


8. His brother is hilarious and owned Twitter last night.


9. He was going to miss the Masters for the birth of his son. Thankfully the little guy played ball and came out early.

10. He celebrates with beer, not green smoothies and ice baths.


11. In fact he celebrates so hard his amnesia was reassuring for “The Secret Tour Pro”

12. He finally hung up the green jacket at 5 am.