Jack Nicklaus Sends A Heart Breaking Message To Jordan Spieth

Source: Sky Sports


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The whole world, or at least the golfing world, felt the loss of Jordan Spieth. Nobody must understand this moment more than someone who has been on that field a multitude of times before.

Jack Nicklaus, one of the best golfers in the world, sent his condolences to Jordan Spieth on Twitter. His words are enlightening and can resonate with anyone who has felt down before.

If you click the link in the tweet you will see the entire message where he says,


“I know that Jordan is a young man who will certainly learn from this experience and there will be some good that comes out of this for him.”


Jack Nicklaus really knows how to cut to the core. He takes an awful situation and looks at it from a positive angle.


He also congratulates Danny Willett on his incredible performance and steady hand that brought him to the ceremony that every golfer dreams of.

No matter how many memes are made of him crying or how many tournaments he loses after this (which may be one or many) it doesn’t matter. Jordan is strong and he will come back from this. Jack Nicklaus believes in Jordan Spieth, so the rest of the world should too.


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