WATCH: When Paul Casey completely lost his patience with Jordan Spieth

Paul Casey completely lost his patience with Jordan Spieth when he kept taking practice swings while Casey was trying to hit.

We’ve all been there…how do you subtly tell your playing partner to keep his ass still? #renegade #clickongolf

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In a moment we can all relate to Paul Casey dropped a classic one liner: “Can we get Jordan to stop swinging his club around?” Looking at his caddie John McLaren, he projected his voice in Jordan’s direction, it was actually pretty funny to watch the 22-year-old cease like a naughty schoolboy. I normally go for the old, “hey mate would you mind watching my ball? I keep losing it in the air,” when trying to subtly persuade someone to keep their ass still.

In my opinion Paul Casey is very much misunderstood. He fell out of favour with Europeans when he failed to adapt to the Ryder Cup criteria demands. He made the decision to continue playing most of his golf in America, which in my opinion was understandable. The Englishman clearly has some bite to him. He mercilessly tore apart his caddie who wrongfully assumed he was about to win a car, it was comedy gold.

What do you think – was Casey being a bit precious? Was Jordan being unobservant? Either way you can’t deny the curiosity we all have about how these guys get along with each other. This shows you how one of golf’s elder statesman would deal with a young upstart. 16 years on Tour is a long time, I can understand why Paul didn’t want to mince words.

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