WATCH: These 10 brutally honest interviews with golfers will stagger you

Sharon Wong


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A recent interview with a hilariously candid golfer served as a flash of inspiration for us here at CLICKON. We’re well aware that you readers are always on the lookout for refreshingly frank golfers who have no qualms about telling it like it is on camera. So we’ve brought you a collection of videos where golfers let their interviewers know how they really feel and give no f*cks who might be watching. Eat your heart out, Clifford Roberts. Decorum is so last century.

1. Andrew “Beef” Johnston

Here’s the man who kickstarted our obsession with brutally honest golfers. After his well-deserved victory at the Spanish Open, he was asked how he planned on celebrating. To put it mildly, he did not mince words about his love for drunken revelry.

2. David Feherty and Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods didn’t get a chance to say much here. David Feherty did all the talking here and told Tiger all about himself after a disastrous showing at the Fedex Cup. To say in the least, we didn’t know anyone could call the volatile Woods a loser to his face and not get destroyed. Maybe even Tiger appreciates the occasional dose of unflinching honesty.

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3. Shane Lowry

Long before “Beef” made headlines for his love of tipple, Shane Lowry drew roars of appreciation after the 2009 Irish Open when he told interviewers he was going to have a busy weekend with his beloved pints ahead of him.

4. Darren Clarke

Darren Clarke is gloriously unapologetic about how much he’s been drinking after the Open Championship. You want to know the dirty details? Well, he’s happy to fill you in on what he’s been downing and in what percentages. And why not? Haven’t we all had a few beers?

5. Jamie Donaldson

Hey, if you’re going to interview a drunk man, don’t be daft enough to expect coyness. Jamie Donaldson was well and truly hammered during the making of this video and he does a reasonable job of not making it too flagrant. But his blunt disclaimer shows that he’s only just holding it together and he takes no responsibility for any potential mishaps. Well-played.

6. Bubba Watson

Trust Bubba Watson to make it onto this list. He’s not known for adhering to the rules of social convention too well and he certainly isn’t doing so here. Most would have politely refrained from mentioning that the interviewer was firing away without waiting for much of an answer, but Bubba doesn’t hesitate to call him out on it. May not necessarily be the interview’s fault, seeing as it was 21 Questions. But at least we all know exactly where Bubba stands, as always.

7. Phil Mickelson

Speaking of calling interviewers out, Phil Mickelson eagerly rips this guy’s “dumbass question” to shreds right in front of him. Would you need further motivation to think before you speak? We didn’t think so.

8. Jason Day

Think it’s in poor form to say you’re better than your competitors combined? Jason Day doesn’t care, especially not since it was totally true at the time. He does generally get away with it by expressing himself with wit and panache though.

9. Rory McIlroy

Rory, for once, hadn’t meant to be quite so candid here. When asked who he thought could win the Masters in 2014, a slip of the tongue let the cat out of the bag in embarrassing, but hilarious fashion.

10. Tiger Woods

We thought we’d end on a bit of a solemn note. In-your-face candor that makes us laugh is all well and good, but it’s just that much better when honesty is used to point out ugly truths we can’t afford to ignore. 14-year old Tiger Woods demonstrated courage and emotional maturity beyond his years when he spoke frankly about the rampant bigotry that still plagues the golf world to this day. As a young black golfer, he was very much at a disadvantage when he came onto the scene. Despite all the hostility he was on the receiving end of, he reveals his unshakeable confidence in his own ability and his determination to prove the naysayers wrong. That’s the attitude that makes a star.

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