Bubba Watson makes a complete fool of himself and loves every minute of it

Sharon Wong

Bubba derp
Source: @kiradech/Twitter

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You’ve seen Bubba Watson take a pie to the face, turn into an emoji and yell at the wind. Now you get to see him exhibit his largely nonexistent kung fu skills all while wielding a staff and a silly red cape. As ever, when the European Tour travels to China for the Shenzhen International, no one is exempt from the customary ritual of making a complete idiot of themselves by aping Chinese martial arts poses for the amusement of golf fans all across social media. And Bubba seems to be milking the awkwardness for all it’s worth, indulging us all in a lovably dorky dad pose.

Bubba Watson’s definitely been playing up his goofy side a whole lot lately. He’s been aware of how divisive his persona happens to be to golf audiences and has publicly resolved to work on himself. However, change doesn’t ever happen overnight and he proved it with a distinctly sour expression at the Masters when a fellow golfer bested him in a one-on-one competition. So while he’s ruminating and engaging in some serious self-reflection, he’s decided to entertain us all while we wait on the new and improved him. And well, there are few people we like better than a guy who can poke fun at himself.

As far as zany poses though, we think he can do better. We’ve pulled up some pictures from past European Tours in China and we have to say he doesn’t come close to approaching Tiger’s gusto.

Source: Getty Images

And well, count on FIGJAM to give anyone else a run for their money when it comes to deliberate silliness.


Whatever our opinions may be, at least he’s having fun.