WATCH: Rickie Fowler Takes On The Hardest Hole In Golf, Blindfolded

@theplayerschamp decided to up the stakes on No. 17…how hard can they make it on me?

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Rickie Fowler caught up with the Players Championship team, where they made him test his limits on the infamous 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass. First he hit the shot blindfolded and actually made it to the green! It looks like it might have rolled off the edge at the end there but the guy hit the shot with no eyes. I’m impressed.

Since that seemed too easy for last year’s champ, they made him hit the shot cross-handed as well.


He pulls it off pretty f**king well.. and if that wasn’t hard enough they decided to bring the tees back just to mess with Rickie.


Even though you can’t see the end results of his shots, his swing still looks pure. From a matt by the clubhouse, nonetheless. Clearly he knows what he’s doing when it comes to TPC Sawgrass. This hole is daunting and he takes it on like a champ, I mean did you see what he did last year?

Here’s a little reminder:

Amazing. Hopefully we see more of this from Rickie Fowler on May 12th at the 2016 Players Champ!

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