WATCH: Tiger Woods Is Back Ripping Drives And Taking Names



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It was like Tiger Woods was back on tour after showing up to a junior invitational event on Thursday for a clinic. Do you think he missed having people yell “mashed potatoes” at him?

Reporters on the scene said that people weren’t supposed to take pictures but do you think that stopped anyone? People were yelling and cheering for the legend as he produced a solid swing and strutted for the crowd.


According to this account, Tiger was carrying the driver 300 yards. Everyone had heard he was swinging clubs but no one thought he’d be ripping drives this soon!

Here he is producing the stinger with some 2 irons!


Not only that but the club twirl is back too!



“I miss kicking everyone’s asses” – Tiger Woods

Looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Tiger Woods than expected. Best news all week! The GOAT is back!

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