WATCH: Bubba Watson’s caddie finally gets revenge for all his mistreatment

Sharon Wong

For everyone who’s ever felt bad for Bubba Watson’s caddie, here’s a side of retribution for your day.

During the Shenzhen International, Bubba and Ted Scott both reenacted the former’s blow up over a wet ball at the 2013 Traveler’s Championship with one notable change. This time, Scott’s doing all the berating at a hapless Bubba, who can only hang his head, chastised.

Bubba caught lots of shade after the original incident, where he publicly reamed Ted Scott out for a shot in the water at Hartford. It’s only one of multiple public tirades he’s had over the years, blaming Scott, mud, the wind and just about everyone else but himself for every mishap he suffers on the course. And we’ve all heaped scorn on him for it ever since. But Ted Scott himself has been very adamant about not needing our sympathy. He and Bubba have one of the closest player-caddie relationships on tour and Scott has keen insight into his boss’s psyche that we’re missing as outsiders.

“What I quickly found out was that Bubba was very uncomfortable in social situations. It’s difficult for him to make eye contact with people he doesn’t know. He told me he had a fear of crowds. And when we’re fearful, we do things we shouldn’t. All the ignoring of people, the abrasiveness, the overreacting, the aggressive joking were all defense mechanisms of being afraid of letting people know who you are.”

Bubba has been very candid about his social and emotional struggles and seems to be on a campaign to make us like him more. This is one of his multiple attempts over the past week to endear himself to us and we have to say, we think we’re starting to appreciate his formerly divisive sense of humor much more. After all, can you truly hate a guy who can poke fun at himself?

Playing the game – Pie Face! #WeDontPlayByTheRules

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If he keeps this up, #PrayForTedScott might soon morph into #BubbasABeast.

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