Rory McIlroy publicly regrets declining Rickie Fowler’s Bahamas invitation

Rory McIlroy has dropped the ball massively for more than one reason. If you haven’t seen the holiday Rickie, Jordan, Smylie and Justin have been killing you need to check it out. If you don’t enjoy the emotional pang of seeing the holiday we all dream about then I would suggest you don’t bother. This is the vacation where nothing’s off limits; Rickie Fowler mercilessly trolled Jordan for his Masters choke, they inundated snapchat with dadbod trickshots and have been smashing the beers all week.
It would appear Rory was forced to decline an invitation from Rickie to pair up with the squad, and gave a ‘reasonable’ excuse for his absence.

In my opinion Rory dropped the ball here. As anyone with another half can tell you, do not publicly lament the fact you had to duck out of a holiday with the boys to spend time with the Mrs. Imagine his girlfriend Erica sitting there and noticing a Rory post with 10,000 retweets talking about his regret at missing out on the debauchery. Rory will be enjoying his holiday in Barbados but it will be bittersweet when he sees what’s going down on the other side of the Carribean.

At least Rickie sent a nice gesture. I guess he could have used Rory’s company, Rickie is 27 looking after Smylie (24), Justin (22) and Jordan (22), a fellow veteran could have helped him keep the young bloods in check.

Luke Donald pulled the family card, but lets be honest Luke, you would be pretty low down on the list of alternates.

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The squad hit trickshots