WATCH: Tiger Woods filmed playing his first stretch of holes since August

It’s time for the rank amateur to stick their oar in and give an opinion of Tiger’s new swing. Last week we saw footage of him smoking tee shots – apparently 300 yards – as he ran a clinic. The video wasn’t overly clear but now we can take a good look at his swing sequence in all its glory. This was taken yesterday at the “Grand Opening” of Tiger’s new golf course, The Bluejack National.

Trawling through the comments section of Tiger’s post made my face screw up into an unrecognisable ball of frustration. You meet guys like “Doug” who have 20,000 tweets to there name, enjoyed by an audience of about 60 loyal followers, who are undercover swing experts. Amongst the lashings of stupidity there were a few obvious conclusions we can draw.
#1 This is the swing of an older man who’s back is not back to normal.
#2 This is the remodelled swing that is here to stay.
So you either appreciate that Tiger has deliberately made changes designed to remove the degenerative strain on his lower back, or you believe his sheepish swing has a long way to go before it can handle the rigours of 4 consecutive rounds. Or worse you think he’s an old man who is done – not a camp I’m in or want to be in thanks.



Lets have a look at that swing in some detail.


Tiger’s Coaches:


BUTCH HARMON (1996-2003)

12 Mar 2002:  Tiger Woods and his coach Butch Harmon stand on the green during the Bay Hill Classic at the Bay Hill Lodge & G.C. in Orlando, Florida.  Mandatory Credit: Scott Halleran /Getty Images
12 Mar 2002: Tiger Woods and his coach Butch Harmon stand on the green during the Bay Hill Classic.  Scott Halleran /Getty Images

“The challenge was to match the speed of the arms with the unwind of the body, which wasn’t easy because Tiger had one of the fastest unwinds of the body anyone had ever seen. I decided he had to have more of a three-quarter-type swing, not a full windup and a full release.” Butch Harmon

HANK HANEY (2004-2010)

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.56.26
“If you look at where Tiger had the club as a young player, he was obviously way across the line. Butch went a long way to fixing that, and my first order of business was to continue to work in that direction.” Hank Haney

SEAN FOLEY (2010-2014)

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.57.01
“What Tiger was doing wasn’t efficient. He was losing tons of speed and power, some of the things that used to most separate him. And then he was getting more crooked. He couldn’t hit the fairway because his alignments were not correct. Simple as that.” Sean Foley.
Oh and don’t forget Chris “who are you” Como (2014-?)
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.58.40

How do we think Tiger is doing?

Many people were commenting on how upright he looked. In my opinion he has been like this since 2007. Of course his swing was a touch on the sheepish side, but if people are saying he hit it 300 down the middle then I’m going to put my two cents in and say he is a lot better than most people thought. Many commentators are anticipating his return at The Players in just over two weeks. Smart money will be on him playing at Nicklaus’ Memorial tournament in 5 weeks time.
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