The Golf Festival You Didn’t Know Existed


The British Open Is Offering Free Camping For Attendees 25 And Under

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The British Open will be held at The Royal Troon this year, a links golf course in Scotland, from July 10-17th. As an initiative to get younger generations involved, The British Open has invited anyone 25 and under to join them for free camping during the tournament.

“The Open is a wonderful opportunity for young fans to get up close to their favourite players and we know this will help inspire future generations to pick up a club and take part themselves. Our aim is to make The Open as accessible as possible and the new Camping Village along with discounted Youth Tickets and the Kids Go Free programme are key parts of this commitment.”

The camping, with already pitched tents and inflatable beds, will be set up a short walk away at the Marr Rugby Club.

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The Pros

This truly is a revolutionary and smart idea on The British Open’s end. This concept could change the way golf is viewed by every generation, especially the younger ones.

Festivals are all the rage right now, from EDC to Coachella, and incorporating that type of atmosphere to golf through overnight camping is exactly what the sport needs. The Waste Management Open has the tournament atmosphere down pact, but with this extended social night time camping, it takes tournaments to a whole other level. Not to mention the cost, which is free with the purchase of a ticket to the tournament. Parking is free as well, can’t say you get that at Coachella.

Obviously it won’t be exactly like those concerts, because this is a golf tournament we’re talking about, but it gives the younger generations a chance to socialize with other golf lovers away from parents (if you’re 17+). If this works it will be a huge step in the right direction for golf tournaments.


The Con(tradiction)s

The Royal Troon Golf Course still does not accept female members. This poses a small hitch in the plan, because all of this support is going to a backwards golf course. This is not so uncommon for courses to not accept women, even in this day and age, but that’s why this is so confusing.

You would think a golf course hosting an event that is trying to reach out to younger audiences, would take a long hard look at themselves and see that there are flaws at their core. How can they not realize that this initiative would put a spotlight on the fact that there are no female members. It just seems like a huge contradiction to me.

They say they want to make the game more accessible to the masses but half the masses are women.



Hopefully it works out for the best but you can’t help but wonder why they chose this venue to start a revolutionary initiative. One step ahead and two steps back.

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