WATCH: Justin Rose’s Cringeworthy Attempt At Hitting A Driver Off The Deck

Justin Rose decided to go against the grain and hit a driver off the deck. He looked confident going in to it, but the moment the ball left his club it was hard to watch.

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The ball stayed low and headed for the trees. The announcers sounded surprised that it didn’t go Rose’s way, saying that that’s probably the worst shot you’ll see from a world class player.

At least it wasn’t as bad as Justin Thomas’s attempt earlier this year. Maybe it’s a Justin thing..


Thankfully the fan was alright after being knocked down by his drive. Thomas ended up making birdie, so it ended up not being that bad but he still hit a fan.

No one can pull off a driver off the deck better than Arnold Palmer. These guys think they can emulate his stinger but they’re obviously mistaken. If you haven’t seen this before then you’re in for a treat.

Look at the legend go:


Not everyone can hit shots like that, especially with a driver off the deck, even if you are a world class player.

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