This One Is For The Golfers Who Can’t Leave Their Balls Behind

No matter where it goes, some golfers just can’t leave their ball behind.

For the average golfer there are clubs that don’t exist for the professionals. These include the hand wedge and the foot wedge. If we want to give ourselves a better lie there’s no one stopping us. Some golfers are sticklers though and have to play their ball where it lies, even if it’s in a hazard.

During these times, a golfer needs to learn when to give up.

Clearly this guy doesn’t know how to do that:


I think this guy just wanted to get dirty. You can’t even see where his ball might have been!


This guy thinks he knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t.


Then there are those moments where the planets align and the golf gods help you out. Slam dunk from the water!


Golfers who just won’t give up, here’s to you!


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