World Long Drive Champion destroyed the Golf Channel’s simulator…twice

Jamie Sadlowski does not mess around when he’s got a driver in his hand. The two-time Long Drive Champion is known as “freaky boy”, the origins of which will soon become clear.

First off the Canadian is 5’10” and weighs 168 pounds, that’s roughly the same build as Rory McIlroy. is a savage ????

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Sadlowski’s clubhead speed can reach an astonishing 150 mph. This has enabled him to hit the ball 445 yards. The 27-year-old puts his success down to flexibility, an attribute which enables him to swing longer than many of the bigger guys.

Jamie has unusually strong wrists, something he maintains by playing ice hockey throughout the year. Some of you genuinely believed that Bubba Watson could hit the ball further than this man. Of course hitting downwind and downhill makes a massive difference, a factor that became clear when the two went head-to-head. Sadlowski’s 407-yard drive travelled 60 yards further than Bubba’s effort, proving that conditions play an enormous part in driving length. gets a second chance with the @golfchannel simulator.

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Here’s what Jamie’s yardage book looks like:

  • 350 yards with a 14 degree hybrid.
  • 300 yards with a 3-iron.
  • 260 yards with a 5- iron.
  • 240 yards with a 7-iron.
  • 180 yards with a pitching wedge.

He uses a 5 degree Callaway X2 Hot driver with a 48 inch shaft, oh, and he can drive the ball 300 yards left-handed.