This Golfer Has The Creepiest Twitter Account On Tour


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Harold Varner III moved up 74 spots on the leaderboard after today’s round at TPC Sawgrass, but it wasn’t his playing that caught the most attention.

It was his little buddy of a head cover, Gerald. Many fans thought the cover was a mini replica of Varner but Gerald was actually a gift from some college friends to keep him grounded on the course. Instead of flinging a club when shanking a shot, all Varner has to do is look at his bag and get a nice laugh in with Gerald to cool him down.

Gerald is such a character that he even has his own twitter account.

Source: Twitter


Well as supportive as Gerald thinks he is, he didn’t like Harold putting words into his mouth when being interviewed today.

Varner is much harder on himself than Gerald would be, which is what a support system is all about. Although.. this is a puppet head cover we’re talking about right now.

This may be the weirdest twitter account we’ve seen in a while, but whatever works right? He’s just chillin being Gerald..

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