Justin Thomas And Rickie Fowler Hilariously Troll Smylie Kaufman’s Instagram

Got to show my man Darien around today and we had a blast! It was great to see him again! @shrinershospitals #geauxtigers

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Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas decided to troll Smylie Kaufman‘s Instagram by letting him know how much he means to them.

First Rickie wanted to acknowledge the previous comments on the post, which were all very loving. His new word made an appearance as well. Who else uses Cartner now like it’s their job?



Smylie responded with a hug emoji and wanted to know about Rickie’s locker at TPC Sawgrass. What a nice guy to divert the attention back on to Rickie Fowler, who clearly does not need it at all.

Then Justin Thomas wanted to get in on the action and added his own comment..



I think what he meant by that was, “I love you more than these fools”.

It’s interesting that they would both comment on this Instagram, which was a beautiful collage of Kaufman showing a kid from Shriners Hospital a good time on the golf course. They probably just wanted to show him some love too and maybe draw attention to their underrated friend.


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It’s really great to see a group of young guys on Tour support each other and actually become friends. This really shows what a great place golf is in right now, on and off the course.

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