Tiger Woods performs the greatest troll of his career

Yesterday Twitter ran amuck, as it normally does, with people’s gullibility. None more so than Christine Brennan, the columnist for USA Today. “Not good at all,” she concluded. See the full clip here.

“It was so utterly bizarre to watch Tiger be so bad that some wondered if he did it on purpose. That actually would have made some sense.”

Watch another journalist fall into the same trap as Robert Lusetich. Tiger let this fairly innocuous journalist convince the world that he couldn’t walk.

The 14-time major winner watched this reporter appear on sports show after sports show, commenting on Tiger’s “immobility”, before dealing him a very harsh lesson indeed. Sure enough Tiger strung this poor hack along, he let him swell in the minds of the golfing community desperate for “a man on the inside” and then out of nowhere he posted the ultimate rebuttal. His first golf swing in 6 months. Lusetich’s mealy-mouthed retraction of the claim Tiger could barely walk went unnoticed.

Meet the new Tiger Woods. The man who is playing with everyone – including us – praying on our conjecture and uncertainty, whipping the media into a frenzy before releasing snack sized previews of his progress. He is followed by agent Mark Stienberg, who sings from the same “progressing nicely” “can’t put a date on it” hymn sheet.

Source: SBNation.
Source: SBNation.

“If Tiger was really trying, and I think it’s safe to say he was, it was a remarkable display of futility from one of the two greatest golfers in history, and made no sense at all.”

added the USA Today reporter Catharine Brennan.

These are the words of a journalist who has relished every moment of Tiger’s fall from form with despicable self-righteousness. I’m not saying he will ever win again, I just think those who honestly believe Tiger lets himself do anything that he can’t control are insane.

Why would he bother cultivating an image of “progress” to then throw it away with 3 half-arsed wedge shots?
Lusetich agreed with me, nobody knows the answer. The media aren’t treating Tiger with the respect he deserves, don’t respect the man or his current ability, respect his business acumen.

Tiger manages his brand like nobody we have ever seen, with an agent who protects his interests to the letter. The man does not do anything, appear anywhere or say anything without a degree of planning and preparation. I could be wrong but so could everyone else.