6 Misogynistic Golf Clubs That Still Exist



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In 2012 Augusta National Golf Club abandoned it’s men-only policy to finally accept female membership. This brought scrutiny towards other golf clubs that did not want to do the same.

Golf is finally evolving and taking steps forward to join the present day societal growth, but there are still some people who never want the game to change. This includes these misogynistic golf clubs that still exist.


The National Golf Club of Canada -CA

source: linksmagazine.com
source: linksmagazine.com

Some Americans have said that if Donald Trump becomes president they would flee to Canada. Well if you’re a woman, then you might want to stay in America if you want the freedom to be a member of this “prestigious” golf club.


Butler National Golf Club -US

source: butlernational.org
source: butlernational.org

Forget about becoming a member, women aren’t even allowed on the property at Butler National in Illinois. What an insult to the human race.


Black Sheep Golf Course -US


Another Illinois golf club that thinks they’re better than everyone else. Invite only membership and obviously women aren’t allowed.


Royal St. Georges Golf Club -UK

Source: royalstgeorges.com
Source: royalstgeorges.com

While this course does allow anyone to play the course on weekdays, the club itself is still men only. What are these men afraid of? That women will outdrive them? Some serious inferiority complexes going on here.


Lochinvar Golf Club -US

source: nicklaus.com

This Jack Nicklaus designed golf course in Texas is ironically located near the Houston-George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Anything that close to something named after Bush has to be misogynistic. You can’t even get on to the club’s website without a member password, which no woman could have.


The Royal Troon Golf Club -UK

source: skysports.com
source: skysports.com

This year’s location for the British Open still has a men-only membership policy. There has been discussion against the matter of opening the membership to women as well, but that is up to it’s members and the club council. A statement recently came out from the club captain Martin Cheyne saying, “it is important that the club, much like the wider game, reflects the modern society in which we exist.” While this sounds nice and peachy, we will have to see if the members come to that same conclusion.



Some people may say that these clubs are private, why should it matter who they let play their course? While this may be true, so long as these clubs can discriminate against women the longer it will seem ok to do so. In this reality, this day and age, it is not ok to reject someone based on their gender.

Hopefully these clubs will come to realize that times are changing and women are a vital part of golf. Thank you Augusta National, for paving the way to a better game.

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