The Magical Harry Potter Golf Product You Didn’t Know Existed

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I was lucky enough to try out a pair of magical GOLF lenses created by JINS. This product is like something out of the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Putting The Glasses On


This is basically how I felt putting the glasses on. I played on a decently cloudy day and once I put the glasses over my eyes it was like I was seeing the course in HD.

Magical Qualities


The glasses didn’t make anything disappear like the invisibility cloak but that’s not what they’re for! Instead the magic was in the clarity of the golf ball. I would lift the glasses up and down to see if they would actually do anything and the difference was wild. That was just looking at a ball in the golf cart but even in play I could find my ball way easier than my cartner (thanks Rickie).

Options Galore!


The best part about the product, besides seeing a golf course in HD, was the options! There were so many frames to choose from it was like I was picking out my every day glasses, which they have as well. They even have wooden frames that stand out among the rest.



Getting these glasses will make your golfing experience just a bit more magical! If you ever have trouble finding your ball this is definitely for you. You’re cartner will beg you to wear them but you’ll just have to tell them to get their own pair!

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