What Was Found In This Golf Magazine Will Make You Cringe

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Source: Getty Images

Everyone is allowed their vice, especially on the golf course, but there’s a certain point where you go too far.

My parents are subscribed to Golf Digest, so when I saw the Jordan Spieth clad magazine on the kitchen counter I decided to give it a read. You know when a magazine lies open naturally right where the crease is or it automatically opens to a certain page because of that crease? Well guess what was advertised smack dab in the middle.. A cigarette ad.


I know cigars are huge on the golf course and it’s naive to believe tobacco will ever leave the scene, but cigarettes should be a thing of the past. We all know what they do. We all know they’re harmful to the people smoking them directly and to those around them. Yet they are still being advertised in a well-read golf magazine. It just seems so prehistoric to promote something the world knows is harmful. Sure there are those disclaimers and they are probably targeting to an older audience but still, it’s wrong. Golf Digest should not need the money that bad.

What you see right away is “100% additive-free natural tobacco” and yet a few inches down it says “no additives in tobacco does not mean a safer cigarette”. It’s a contradiction from the get go!

We should be the generation that ends cigarette smoking.


I don’t mean to be a PSA but this is common knowledge and I hate that golf hasn’t grown up. No matter how long the partnership with this cigarette company has been, that is some negativity the golf industry does not need.

We are a strong industry that don’t need no death stick money. The end.

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